BIFM-Level 5

BIFM level 5
BIFM level 5 qualifications develop the ability to identify and use relevant understanding, methods and skills to address complex problems. They will support you in being able to take on the responsibility for planning and delivering solutions, exercising autonomy and judgement in your area. They will develop your specialised knowledge further so that you can approach your role with independent and critical thinking to deliver the best results (based on Ofqual level descriptor).
Who are they for?
BIFM level 5 qualifications in facilities management are for specialist facilities managers. They are typically for those working at a middle or senior management level who are responsible for more specialised and complex functions. They are, however, also suitable for those aspiring to these roles and looking to stretch and develop themselves.
You are likely to be heading up:
  • Single or multi-site operations
  • Hard and/or soft service provision
  • Partner relationships
  • Performance management
  • Major projects with capital spend
  • Compliance in health and safety and other key critical legislation
  • Financial management.