Q. What does CITS stand for?
A. CITS stands for Cleaning Industry Training Standard. As determined by committees consisting of manufacturers, distributors, facility service providers, and other parties, the CITS Standard outlines the qualities of effective training programs in the cleaning industry.
Q.Is CITS the same thing as CIMS?
A. No, where CIMS focuses on the management of an entire cleaning organization, CITS focuses specifically on the training of frontline cleaning professionals. CITS can help companies with the Human Resources section of the CIMS Standard.
Q.What does A.C.T. stand for?
A. A.C.T. stands for Accredited Certification Trainer. The A.C.T. workshop trains on the art of training adults and helps you improve your skills. The A.C.T. certificate qualifies you to train, proctor exams, and help confer certification. Pre-requisite: CIMS I.C.E. Certification.
Q. Who should attend an A.C.T. workshop?
A. Anyone who trains frontline cleaning professionals will benefit from this workshop. CITS verified training programs may only be taught by A.C.T. accredited trainers. In other words, for a frontline professional to receive a certification, they must attend a CITS verified program taught by an A.C.T. accredited trainer.
Q. What are the prerequisites to attend an A.C.T. workshop?
A. Anyone interested in attending an A.C.T. workshop must also be I.C.E. certified or registered for an I.C.E. workshop. For more information in I.C.E., please contact on our email certification@meca-me.com  for more information.
Q. Who can become a certified cleaning professional?
A. CITS Cleaning 101, CITS Advanced Professional, and CITS Master were designed for frontline cleaning professionals interested in receiving training and recognition of their skillset. Some categories in the CITS Standard do cater to management and supervisory roles (e.g. Efficiency in Cleaning) but the majority of categories cater to the frontline cleaning professional.
Q. In which languages is Cleaning 101 available?
A. The Cleaning 101 Manual and Exams are available in English. 
Q. Does my training program need to be specific to cleaning?
A. Programs must meet the standards of the category in which they are attempting to receive verification. Though most of the categories focus specifically on cleaning, there are additional categories such as General Safety, Customer Service, and Personal Development that do not focus on the “how to” of cleaning.
Q. Who created the CITS Standards?
A. The CITS Standards were established by committees consisting of manufacturers, distributors, facility service providers, and other parties involved in the cleaning industry. A complete list of individuals can be found on pages 2 & 3 of the CITS Standard, available to download at meca-me.com/CITS.
Q. How do I submit my training program for verification?
A. First, download the training content application found at meca-me.com/CITS. After submitting your application, you will be assigned a CITS verifier. If you accept your verifier, you will receive an email instructing how to submit your documents. If you do not accept your verifier, you will be assigned a new verifier. After your documents have been submitted, the verifier will ensure that your program meets all of the CITS Standards. Your verifier will notify ISSA of whether or not your program meets the CITS Standards and if your program has been recommended for verification. Once verified, you will receive an email containing a certificate of verification as well as a press kit on how to promote your program’s verification.
Q. What happens if my program does not meet the CITS Standards?
A. You will receive a notification detailing which part(s) of the Standard your program does not meet. You will have a 6-month window to make changes to your program in order to meet the Standard.
Q. How long does it take to have my training program verified?
A. The verification process will usually take approximately two weeks after you have submitted your documents to the verifier. Time will depend upon the number of other programs currently being verified.
Q. How do I figure out the cost to verify my training program?
A. The cost of program verification is based on the duration of the program plus the number of additional specialties the program covers.  For further details, please contact on our email certification@meca-me.com  for more information.
Q. Training program verification has an annual maintenance fee and training program renewal.  What is the difference between the two?
A. The annual maintenance fee is a licensing fee which allows a training program to continue to use the CITS logo and remain listed on the online roster of verified programs. Training program renewal, on the other hand, is intended to ensure that a program continues to meet the applicable CITS standard(s). Organizations will be asked to execute an Affidavit attesting to continued compliance and, if substantive changes have been made to a program, it will be required to undergo re-verification. All programs are also subject to a random review.
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