Green Cleaning

What is a “Green Building” ?



Most people do not realize how dangerous to people common household cleaners can be. Others don't know the damage these cleaners can cause to the environment. Common cleaning products like disinfectants, drain cleaners, anti-mould solutions and detergents can be a cocktail of potentially hazardous chemicals including bleach, solvents, chlorine and ammonia. Some simple and far less hazardous alternatives can be used to make cleaning a far less harmful household chore.


“Green” Buildings are high performance structures that also meet certain standards for reducing natural resource consumption.

“Green” or “Sustainable” buildings are characterized by:

  • Efficient management of energy and water resources.
  • Management of material resources and waste.
  • Restoration and protection of environmental quality.
  • Enhancement and protection of health and indoor environmental quality.
  • Reinforcement of natural systems.
  • Analysis of the life cycle costs and benefits of materials and methods.
  • Integration of the design decision-making process.

Common Sense Cleaning

Some common sense steps can be employed to ensure safe and effective green cleaning. These are to:

  1. Simply use less of the commercially available chemicals when cleaning. It will be cheaper and tends to be as effective.
  2. When using less chemical cleaners, you may need to allow more time for the cleaner to work. Just be patient and allow stains to soak.
  3. Clean as you go. Prevention is better than cure, so don't allow mess to build up, clean spills when they happen and don't allow stains to set
  4. Elbow grease, water and good cleaning equipment like quality brushes, cloths and scourers can often complete a cleaning job without the use of harsh chemicals