MECA offers training programs for operatives, supervisors, managers and associated staff across cleaning and facility management industry. Programs are designed to fully deliver the skills and knowledge needs that are relevant to the industry.

MECA works closely with each client to ensure that the program meets the needs of the organization, its operatives, supervisors, building and service users. This client-focused approach is proven to work, again and again.

Our Training Approach Saves Your Time and Money

How MECA training Approach Works for You

MECA training takes you and your employees through the entire learning cycle; creating a memorable training solution which involves –Assess, Learn, Reinforce, Support and Validate.

How can MECA certifications accelerate your career growth?

The global job market is a highly competitive world where specialization and skills is the order of the day.The job roles have become so complex that an employee with “generic” skills is not in very high demand.

Also, unlike older times, the personal safety at the work place and protection of environment is being given paramount importance leading to an increased demand for quality control personnel.